The APE project

The subject "Animal Protection" is of great interest not only in Europe but worlwide. Empaty and responsability are indispensable elements in a fair and human society, both in our single countries and in the EU as a whole. Our project aims at promoting these values by working on the topic Animal Protection in Europe. The importance of our natural environment preservation is well known: the specific topic concerning "Animals" allows the students discover and work on the many facets offered by the subject. 


Aims of the Project

We will investigate and compare the human-animal relationship in each of our cultures and, if necessary, try to contribute actively to a change for the better. The main focus will be on wild animals and wildlife habitat, considering animal protection as connected to environmental protection as well as on domesticated animals. Students and teachers have agreed on the fact that animals welfare is essencial to supporting human livelihoods.

These are just some examples:

  • animal health improves productivity and creates stability, leading to sustainable development;

  • responsible animal management has positive impacts on land use, prevention of pollution, watter supplies, habitat conservation and biodiversity;

  • good animal care reduces the risk of food poisoning and of diseases that are transmissible from animals to humans;

  • Millions of people look to animals for companionship; the human-animal bond has proven therapeutic benefits.


Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey

23/04/2012 00:00
The last project meeting will take place in Istanbul from 23th to 27th April 2012.